Preparing for your retirement is easier with a partner who understands your needs and wants

We are an independent organization, not part of any branch or national division. This is why we can tailor the best retirement plans truly made for you

We Are Unbiased. We are 100% independent.

One of our most significant differences is we are a true third party administrator. Banks, insurance companies, brokerage, and investment houses often provide administrative services as an add-on, or throw-in, to their primary objective of having your monies invested in their limited selection of funds. 

We act independently, in a consultative capacity, providing quality administrative services that can be used in conjunction with any set of investment options. Unlike banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses and certain mutual fund families, we don't have any self-interest in our own investments. Therefore, as your needs change we can change; whether the change is in the selection of investment options or the administrative features of your plan. 

We are committed to offering our skills and talents as administrators to help with your qualified plans. We are constantly searching for trends and identifying opportunities. We work with you, first defining your goals, then working exclusively toward their success. It is our resolve to always remain a step ahead...on the leading edge of information and service.

Our Core Values Drive Us Every Single Day


Our Value Proposition Provides Clear Benefits

We continue to be committed to continued growth. As times change and technology advances, services available to clients expand. We have made a serious commitment to not only stay current in our field but more importantly to stay ahead.

As a third party administrator, our objective is to provide each client with personalized professional services.

  • Assigning one Account Manager to oversee all administrative aspects of your plan. While we have a number of people who specialize in various administrative areas that provide backup and support to our Account Managers and who will be involved in certain aspects of the administration of your plan, with one telephone call to your Account Manager, your questions will be answered.

  • The caseload of each Account Manager is limited, so your account will get the attention it deserves.

  • Choice of traditional balance forward or daily valuation accounting systems using state-of-the-art software from nationally known vendors.

  • Participants in our daily valued plans have 24/7/365 access to their accounts using our Participant Account Web Access System and Telephone Access System. The Telephone Access System is not as extensive as the Participant Account Web Access System, however, most of the choices that are available via the internet are available via the telephone.


We continue our mission to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Learn more about our transition from KT Administrators to BEON Retirement.

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