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We provide customized educational services across a variety of retirement topics to boost participation rates and retirement readiness

BEON Retirement has been committed to providing tailored educational services that help boost participant enrollment, participation and retirement readiness since 1976.  We design and implement impactful and action-oriented education programs across multiple platforms utilizing the latest tools.

Participant education a priority of ours.

The Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor and U.S. Congress have made it very clear through regulations, notices and laws that the plan sponsor and plan investment advisor have a fiduciary responsibility to the plan participants to educate the plan participants on an ongoing basis to the plan provisions, benefits of the plan and the basics as well as details of the plan investments. BEON Retirement stands ready to provide the necessary educational services to plan participants on a fixed fee basis. As with all of our services, the level and nature of the educational services are tailored to the needs of you, the plan sponsor or investment advisor.

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