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Financial Advisor

As a Financial Advisor for a daily valued plan serviced by BEON Retirement, you can access Plan Level Financial and Participant data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through KT Administrators, LLC Financial Advisor Web Access System.

In order to access your account via the KT Administrators, LLC Financial Advisor Web Access System you must first know your User ID and Password.  You then navigate to and you will be connected to KT Administrators, LLC online web-site introductory page where you will enter your User ID and Password.  At this point you then hit the Logon button.  Once you have reached this point, the Web Access System menu will provide you with steps to take to find out MORE.

If you do not know or have misplaced your User ID and/or Password, please call your Account Manager to gain access.

Information available:

  • Financial Advisor Tools – Access Individual Participant Accounts (With a Signed Authorization Form you can access Participant Accounts on an Update basis so you can perform Deposit Election Changes and Transfers on the Participants behalf to help better serve your Clients)

  • Plan Participant Reports – Employee Census Information, Employee Loan Report, Employee Termination Report, Employee Distribution Report, Employee Address Change Report, Plan Transaction History

  • Plan Investment Reports – Run a Statement on Demand for an Individual Participant for a time period of your choosing, View how Participant Dollars are being invested across the Investment Options, View Industry Standard Investment Performance for each Investment Option in the Plan

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